Awards and prizes

European village renewal prize in 2000

Europäischer Dorferneuerungspreis 2000
Completely Bavaria and even Europe looked within the scope of the European village renewal prize in 2000 at the monastic village Windberg. The competition, for That Windberg was nominated as the Bacarian national champion, stood according to the motto: "Without future no past".Completely Bavaria and …mehr

Certificate of the Council of Europe

Europäisches Diplom des Europarates
Due to the achievements which Windberg has made with the publicizising of the European idea and for the honourable way in which this happened the European certificate of the Council of Europe was bestowed to the municipality for the year 1998. …mehr

Flag of Honour of the Council of Europe

Flag of Honour of the Council of Europe
The committee for environment, agriculture and territorial corporation of the parliamentary congregation has decided with his meeting from the 12th of May, 2006 in Paris, to bestow the flag of honour of the Council of Europe for the performed actions for the purposes of the European notification and …mehr

3. Prize of the Robert Bosch foundation

Preis der Robert Bosch Stiftung
On the 18th of June, 2004, Robert Bosch foundation bestowed in the new castle in Stuttgart for the second time the prize for commitment to the citizenry because of partnerships between German and French towns and municipalities.There are, in the meantime, nearly 2000 official town partnerships and l …mehr

Competition "Village Vital"

Auszeichnung beim Wettbewerb Dorf Vital
On the 22nd of March, 2007, the municipality of Windberg received from the "Bavarian State Ministry of Agriculture and Forests" and the "Bavarian Congretional Committee" in Augsburg the award "Village Vital".The "Bavarian Minister of State for Agriculture and Forests", Josef Miller, and the presiden …mehr

Competition" Our village should become nicer - Our village has future"

Competition Our village should become nicer - Our village has future
With the competition "Our village should become more nicely" at the admininstrative district on the 10th of July, 2002, Windberg got an award forthe nicest village in the administrative district Straubing-Bogen.With the participation at the higher administrative district in 2003 in the category up t …mehr

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